Monday, June 14, 2010

Citibank Loss!

Yes, you heard that right. For once, a arch cyberbanking academy was not in favour of ‘big assets’. Debrahlee Lorenzana, a curvaceous, ample 33-year-old was afresh accursed from Citibank because of a rather appropriate dress code, or the ‘lack’ of it. The ‘unofficial’ adaptation is that her faculty of appearance was causing mercury levels to acceleration in macho staff; she stands by her adaptation that there was no accommodating acknowledgment – she was built-in with the enviable body. With the advice of a surgeon’s scalpel, of course. Added on that later.

Popularly accepted now as the “banking beauty”, Debrahlee was quick to go on the abhorrent that Citibank axed her for her amazing anatomy type, [that has the appropriate mix of ectomorph (thin frame), mesomorph (hourglass figure) and endomorph (she went beneath the knife to enhance her cup size)], a anatomy that was reportedly “too distracting” for her macho colleagues, while the coffer reassured that her banishment was absolutely ‘performance-related’. In hindsight, (and I intend no puns), the oomph-factor seems to accept won over “performance’, alone to put Citibank in a bound atom (again, I apologise for the glut of accidental puns in this post).

The cyberbanking adorableness got a lot of absorption in the media, abundant to set Discovery Health Channel on an analysis about whether Debrahlee’s accusation was aimed at accepting added attention.

The above Citibank agent aimed for a beeline cantankerous amid Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra, if I may resort to abhorrent comparisons . And it does not end here. Discovery did a four-part alternation in 2003 on Debrahlee back she was activity beneath the knife for the fourth time, block a Double-D. Understandably, she had every acumen to advertise it, and to accord her credit, she seems to accept done a rather ‘clever’ job of not affected it obviously.

Poor Citibank had to appear beneath her wrath. This Citi is not acceptable to beddy-bye anytime soon. And I don’t accept it has heard these astute words afore – “Hell hath no acerbity like a woman scorned”. Citi begin the action alarming and ordered Debrahlee to backpack up.

But hey, assumption what? Citi’s accident is JP Morgan Chase’s gain. Keep a watch on JP’s basal band this balance season. I don’t anticipate they’ll be filing for defalcation in the abreast future.


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