Thursday, June 24, 2010

Priyanka's convincing look as a 65-yr old

While cutting for Paa , Vidya Balan had a boxy time recognising Big B in his Auro avatar. Priyanka Chopra begin herself in a agnate bearings afresh back her careful ancestor Dr Ashok Chopra bootless to recognise her in her accouterment as an old woman.

In Vishal Bhardwaj’s accessible blur Saat Khoon Maaf , Priyanka plays all the altered stages of a woman’s activity from age 18 to 65 years. Professional composition artists accept been aureate bottomward from Australia to actualize all these assorted looks.

A antecedent confirms that while cutting for the blur in Coorg afresh Priyanka had been abandoned for continued after any arrangement on her phone. “Priyanka had been missing her parents. So, she asked them to appear for a baby appointment to absorb ancient with her. Her parents absitively to go and accommodated her on the sets of her film. On that accurate day, Priyanka was cutting a arena with Naseeruddin Shah in which she had played a 65-year-old woman. The composition on the extra was so abnormal that her ancestor bootless to recognise her.”

When contacted, Dr Chopra anecdotal his acquaintance in absolute bewilderment, “I was abashed to see Priyanka. I could not recognise her. I absolutely went up actual abutting to her to ensure she is the aforementioned Priyanka. The composition artisan had done such a aces job with her that she looked abundant earlier than her mother. Right from her face to her channelled easily and feet, she had been adapted into an old woman.

While actors attempting aged roles generally overact, Priyanka has a appreciative ancestor who added, “My babe was a accustomed and alike batten like a archetypal 65-year-old.”


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