Friday, July 30, 2010

Priyanka's style mantra

Priyanka Chopra is one of the best admirable and accomplished extra in Bollywood. She herself can backpack a blur on her shoulder. She is hot , she is sexy! Whatever she wears becomes a appearance statement.

“ If you apprehension our appearance aloof rotates. There was a time aback awning salwar was in appearance and it’s afresh aback in fashion. So it’s aloof rotating. Stretchable churidar’s area in appearance aback I was in academy it was alleged slacks,” feels Priyanka Chopra.

One appearance she finds contemporary is, “ I anticipate Bomber Jacket is consistently in fashion. I accept apparent bodies cutting it for accidental affair alike for partying. I assumption that gives you a more acceptable look. And you can mix bout it with annihilation anytime,” adds Priyanka.

“ I anticipate accoutrements are consistently in fashion. Nice contemporary purse, backpack accoutrements and now big bags. According to me you should never dump any bag, aloof accomplish a accumulating and you will see the old one is aback afterwards a year or two,” says Chopra.

According to Priyanka appearance comes from already personality, “One may be not that admirable but because of the attitude and personality she looks acute and that’s what is important.”

Looking acceptable is additionally accompanying to blockage healthy, “ In today’s animated activity woman don’t accept time for themselves. But I anticipate if you accept a aglow bark you attending good. And that’s alone accessible aback you exercise and alcohol lots of water,” adds Priyanka Chopra.

Coming aback to appearance account she says, “ As I said if you accept a personality you can accomplish a appearance statement. Aloof abrasion whatever looks acceptable on you and whatever you are adequate in , I am abiding you will accomplish a appearance statement,” adds Chopra.


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