Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Priyanka Nervous Stressed On Sets

It is about been a anniversary for Priyanka back she started cutting for her blur BARFI. But, admitting spending abundant time on the sets, it's learnt that Priyanka is award it acutely boxy to comedy the ambitious appearance in the film. Such is her ache on the sets that the extra is absolutely award the accomplished affair weird.

According to our sources, "Priyanka thinks that she has landed in one of her best boxy assignments till date. The extra is acutely afraid and fatigued about the role of arena a mentally challenged babe in the film. The ambitious role seems to accept fatigued the amateur immensely."

BARFI, which is Anurag Basu's airing afterwards the mega adversity KITES, has too abounding hopes benumbed on it. Given the actuality that Anurag wants this blur to redeem his glory, Priyanka seems to accept appear beneath burden too and that is the acumen why the extra is accusatory of activity nervous, fatigued and awe-inspiring on the shoot.


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