Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Indian Film Director Mani Ratnam Take A Break For Next Project

Even as Mani Ratnam and his wife Suhasini are active with the Chennai International Blur Festival, rumour mills are alive overtime suggesting article or added about the ace director’s abutting film.

Grapevine has it that the filmmaker, who took a reasonable breach afterwards alive three years ceaseless for ‘Raavanan’, is now accessible for his fresh venture. And it is activity to be a aeon film.

“Mani has conceived a bond which is set in 15th aeon AD. Massive sets will be erected in Kerala. The administrator is currently active zeroing in on the casting and crew,” sources maintain.

“As usual, Suhasini will advice Mani and this cine too will be produced by the filmmaker’s assembly aggregation Madras Talkies,” they say and add: “Since the account would be heavy, a accumulated abode may additionally footfall in.”


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