Friday, December 3, 2010

Surya Says " I didn't anticipate about animosity with Vivek Oberoi

Both Vivek and Surya accept been in the apple of films for abutting to a decade now. While Surya is a superstar bottomward South, Vivek has accepted his accreditation as an amateur and is authoritative his attendance acquainted all over again, what with his agitating act in 'Rakht Charitra'.

Now that the two would be apparent calm in the additional instalment of this Ram Gopal Varma directed affecting activity fare, 'Rakht Charitra 2', one wonders whether the two looked at anniversary added as on-screen rivals (though they are accompany in absolute life). Since for Surya, this is his Bollywood flick ever, one tends to ask him if he was anytime acquainted of the actuality that he had to amplitude additionally so that he stood out?

"I had to aloof adhere on to be my character, be absolute and honest. I didn't anticipate about Vivek or for that amount what I had done in the past," Surya negates the allegation here.

He goes on to add, "I had to be amorous about this character, his thoughts, his point of appearance and what he acquainted was appropriate in his own philosophy. I had to anticipate about the affectionate of things that had happened to him, what he had gone through, how he acquainted he was appropriate and how he believed what he saw."

"Tell me, with so abundant cerebration to do already, would I accept had time to anticipate about annihilation else, let abreast any rivalry," winks Surya afore signing off.


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