Saturday, December 4, 2010

Malayalam Actor Dileep Said "Prithivi is not a rival"

Janapriyanayakan Dileep has actually said he doesn’t accede any of his aeon as his rival.

Dileep was reacting to a accepted acceptance that he considers Prithviraj as his rival. Speaking to a media Dileep had said that he has no botheration of whatever affectionate with Prithviraj. He alike said that he calls up Prithivi over buzz now and again to allocution assorted things.

Saying added Dileep said “When I started out, Kunchacko Boban was advised to be my rival. I accept never acquainted bad about the actuality that Kunchacko Boban has abounding women admirers”.

Dileep says his alone admiration is that he is remembered as on of the accomplished actors in Malayalam for a continued time. He is one already.


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