Sunday, January 9, 2011

"Bigg Boss 4" And At The End Of The Dispute Came To Grand Winner Shweta

New Delhi, January 8 (IANS) After raising eyebrows too much in 14-week plan, "Bigg Boss 4" ended. With over the top cat fights, insults galore, many of publicity wedding, romance and often very intimate comfort for viewers of the season in a way that remains true to its promise is greater. But it is better?

Colors 4 Bigg Boss "is a newer attractions, state-of-the-art house, live-wire host Bollywood star Salman Khan, interesting actors, including two from Pakistan, and special appearances by movie stars.

The fourth season saw incessant insults tossed over trivial matters sensation caused by the TV wedding of the participant, actress Sarah Khan with his cavalier trader Ali, then the government should take it for "offending good taste."

It started with 14 participants, including an attack in Mumbai has accused a former lawyer Mohammed Ajmal Kasab Abbas Kazmi, a thief turned detective Devinder Singh alias Bunty Superchor, actor Ashmit Patel, who was involved in the scandal MMS, former dacoits Seema Parihar and director Mahesh Son Rahul Bhatt of Bhatt, who was friends with David Headley terror operative accused of test targets for terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

There were two participants from Pakistan - actress and former girlfriend of fast bowler Mohammed Asif, Veena Malik, and cross-dressing diva Begum Nawazish television and Ali, with the exception of Indian actresses, TV, Shweta Tiwari and Sarah Khan, a former MTV Split Villa "Sakshi competitor and model Aanchal Kumar Pradhan, who barely managed to increase private splendor.

Others in the competition for survival has been involved in an isolated house with no communication with the outside world were Bhojpuri superstar Manoj Tiwari, model-turned-actor Sameer Soni and model Hrishant Goswami, assisted by wrestler WWE The Great Khali and then the turbulent Dolly Bindra.

Hollywood bomb Pamela Anderson was flown with mercury as a special guest for three days to increase the already hot show!

This season has been much controversy and court challenges - from day 1 of forced evictions Superchor Bunty after unruly behavior in the house. Here are objections from the Shiv Sena and Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNs) to the inclusion of Pakistani celebrities on the show.

Mentioning the Great Khali, who humungous size 7'1 and deep voice sent shivers the spine to the other participants. The atmosphere in the "Bigg Boss 4" The house is very quiet, cool and friendly to Dolly Bindra is the mask entry came and shook the air with a loud and arrogant character.

Abuse, fights and melodrama became a way of life after Dolly and Shweta started violently to establish personal results. Fighting others like Ashmit, Samir, Halle, Veena, Sarah and Manoj are also involved. In fact, Samir and Dolly to leave the show for their bad behavior, later to return a few days.

ILLwiLL which thrives among the many, romance is in full bloom in a quiet, one-sided attraction chemicals Rahul Aanchal for Hrishant Veena and ever-Ashmit and Sarah is there for public display.

Ashmit Sarah corner not long after - how, when his long time beau Ali Merchant on the show and offered her marriage entered. They were to say "Kabol Hai" on national television - but even that was full of contradictions.

The show was a mess and Sarah Ali-love story took an ugly turn when Sarah's family said that Sara and Ali were married, and the petition was filed in court against them for cheating the public.

Then information and broadcasting ministry strengthened within the Ministry sent a message to color for "offending good taste" and the use of vulgar language in the show, and even went to the extent of demand for change transmission time after twenty-three

Meanwhile, love is brewing elsewhere - Veena change loyalty and the focus shifted to Ashmit, who voluntarily answered. Both cosied under a blanket, kissed and hugged each other and shared many good words until Veena had to withdraw from the show.

After removal of Samir in 13 weeks - were four candidates - the logical Shweta, loud mouth Dolly, confused and restless Ashmit and The Great Khali.

But it was Shweta, who ultimately has a winner and went home with trophy and cash prize of Rs.1 Crore proper star-studded finale.

Ultimately, a controversial - yet entertaining season of "Bigg Boss"!


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