Thursday, January 27, 2011

"Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji" review

With Gulzar's admirable song as its title, "Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji" (DTBHJ) absolutely gets one analytical about what to expect. And while Madhur-reality-Bhandarkar venturing into rom-coms reminds you of the 'stuck-in-the-wrong-job' ad, he aloof about manages to canyon here.

The film, as the promos suggest, is about three guys with capricious amounts of testosterone, in chase of adulation and lust. Naren Ahuja (Ajay Devgn), a afar coffer administrator is still hopeful for a additional innings. Milind Kelkar (Omi Vaidya), a self-confessed abstinent is alert of aperture his innings alone back he finds accurate adulation (yawn!). Abhay (Emraan Hashmi) is like an album of all the characters that Hashmi has played in his antecedent films (they're all the same-a bland talking fungus ball). Naren invites the added two into his behemothic ancestors home as tenants and to accumulate him from biconcave into post-divorce loneliness. The leash breezes through the blur by taunting, auspicious and alike abating anniversary added over their corresponding adulation lives (yet too brassy for a "Chashme Baddoor" comparison).

The ladies in this blur are hardly alarming but are luckily marginalized by the arch men. Naren's changeable absorption is his appointment intern, June Pinto (Shazahn Padamsee) who is squeaky, chiefly agog and sums up to be absolutely annoying. The accessible age gap amid this brace is conveyed by Naren's averseness attack at singing, dancing and bubbler (which are the alone determinants of youth?). It's additionally askance that Devgn looks anxiously chiseled, while (the allegedly 21-year-old) Shazahn has a actor wrinkles boot about her wincing eyes anniversary time she smiles (and she smiles at everything!).

Milind, on the added hand, doesn't accept an age bisect with his anapestic brood RJ Gungun Sarkar (Shraddha Das), who he has a adventitious affair with. But Gungun's obnoxiously bank appearance manages to blot Milind dry. While the sharpest of the three, Abhay, predictably, manages to get about with a dozen women. The ones with acceptable dialogues accommodate Anushka Narang (Tisca Chopra), an industrialist's bays wife and her babe Nikki Narang (Shruti Haasan), an almsman adherent to amusing causes (how imaginative!).

It's auspicious that DTBHJ beasts abroad from Bollywood cliches, abnormally the way the three adulation belief conclude. No one has a change of affection or realizes their partner's accurate account eventually. Ajay Devgn's ardent attack at ball is commendable (after Golmaal, there seemed little hope). Omi has his highs and lows but his asinine address of accent (courtesy 3 Idiots) fails to affect or charm here. Emraan, for abridgement of annihilation else, could've kissed a few added women (as his admirers usually accept a single-point calendar for communicable his movies). Telegu actress, Shraddha Das' awning attendance justifies her character's career best (being on radio and off screen). Shruti Haasan is a awning contentment and resembles her mother Sarika characteristically.

Some dialogues in DTBHJ ability abet a smile but it would adamant out bound (unlike Shazahn's wrinkles). The cine is adequately tight, but you ability analysis your watch about 15 account afore bisected time, acquisitive for an interval. Pritam's songs aren't aces of bustling or alike feel drumming.

While Bhandarkar aloof ability get abroad with this one, let's aloof achievement this doesn't affect added admiral to jump out of their abundance genres. I beggarly we don't appetite KJo attempting the abutting sci-fi thriller, right?


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