Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Madhuri Dixit – Fresh Screen Mom?

The day she stepped on the Indian shores, Dhak Dhak adorableness was accustomed with accessible easily by her admirers and the industry. Madhuri Dixit garnered abundant absorption on her acknowledgment from US and had been asylum of eyes at several contest and for actuality the adjudicator of ball absoluteness show.

Latest fizz about the diva is that she has been offered a role in Anil Kapoor's abutting assembly that will be the accommodate of the Hollywood flick ‘Freaky’ Friday and appearance his babe Sonam Kapoor.

Interestingly, Madhuri has been approached to comedy Sonam’s mother in the blur – a role played by Lindsay Lohan in the aboriginal version. According to sources, the blur deals with daughter-mother relationship.

However, Anil is cat-and-mouse for the blooming arresting from Madhuri’s ancillary who said to accept gone through the film’s script.

While initially the brand of Shabana Azmi and Rekha were meant for the mother’s role, Kirron Kher was offered the film. But she banned the activity due to date issues. On the added hand, Anil had consistently capital to assignment with Madhuri and he had additionally acquainted that she was apt for the mother's role, due to her versatility as an actress. So, with agnosticism in apperception he had offered her to accompany his film….

Well, we had enjoyed the allure of Anil and Madhuri in films like ‘Tezaab’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Ram Lakhan’, now lets see them in fresh accord as ambassador and actor….

Hmmmm, at the moment we can aloof brainstorm Mrs. Nene as a absorbing admirable mom with her appealing awning babe Sonam… Don’t you anticipate it will be admirable if Madhuri gives her nod for this one….?


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