Thursday, January 20, 2011

Surya Play Guest Role In Avan-Ivan Movie

Many of us apperceive Suriya is accomplishing a bedfellow actualization in Bala’s ‘Avan Ivan’, which has Vishal and Arya in advance roles. It is said that the amateur will comedy himself in the cine produced by AGS Entertainment.

“Suriya will appear as Suriya himself. There is a arena in the blur in which Vishal will accomplish like accustomed actors in advanced of Suriya. It will be one of the highlights of the movie,” sources say.

Doing bedfellow appearances is not fresh for Suriya. Years ago, he did a adornment in ‘June R’, which has Jyothika arena the protagonist. He was additionally there for a lightning additional in Superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kuselan’.

And the aftermost time the amateur did a bedfellow actualization was in Kamal Haasan starrer ‘Manmadhan Ambu’. He readily accustomed the ‘Avan Ivan’ offer, it is said, as Bala is the one abaft the amateur affecting abundant heights, acknowledgment to films like ‘Nanda’ and ‘Pithamagan’.


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