Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Actress Mamta Suffering From Cancer

Many fans in Mollywood really big shock when they realized the media that their favorite actress Mamta Mohandas suffering from cancer. 25-year-old actress, who celebrated his birthday on the 14th in a special way of jumbo aircraft, with 360 underprivileged children, but is happy and safe disease control.

She was diagnosed to be suffering from a rare form of cancer called Hodgkin's lymphoma, but fortunately for Mamta and her fans, the disease is diagnosed at a very early stage and a chance to recover from Mamta percent 100.

I had to undergo a haircut when I played for a song sequence in the movie "Anwar chemotherapy. Many thought I was my hair to look beautiful and asked for. But I guess I bravely faced cancer. This is a difficult thing to painful procedures such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy received. But one must realize that there is no victory without a fight. This is my philosophy, so I do not look at everything negative.

The actress, who is a fan base in Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Telugu has been successful, even as a playback singer who won the Filmfare. It has suddenly gained a lot of projects, including four films in Malayalam her sleeves. She recently had a Ganesha tattooed on her shoulder as she thinks her mental strength to cope with the problems of complexity and strength to face these issues has been given to her by Ganesha.


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