Monday, November 22, 2010

“Nayantara" Hot News

Nayantara, whose alleged affair with Prabhu Deva won the wrath of several organizations of women, is now facing a protest from Hindu Makkal Katchi then claimed that it will take the role of Goddess in a movie play Seetha Telugu.

In HMK, which is noisy in various issues related to the feelings of Hindus and Tamils unlike Nayantara plays an actress in tollywood Movement Sri Ramarajyam.

The movie, Telugu top hero Balakrishna in the lead says that based on the Ramayana. And Nayantara, who is a popular heroine in tollywood, is already linked to the goddess play Seetha.

At this, the Registrar of Hindu Makkal Katchi Kannan said: "Ramayana" is a book about morality and insists on the principle of one man, one woman in my life What right has to act as Nayantara. Seetha as she tried to kidnap another woman's husband in real life? "


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