Monday, November 29, 2010

Dhanush With "Aadukalam" Heroine Tapsee

Tapsee is the heroine of Dhanush in 'Aadukalam. Sources say that when the film was in its final list of recordings in Madurai, Tapsee was very uncomfortable with the sets and was finding difficult to communicate with people.

Seeing the discomfort of heroine, as usual, the hero came to rescue. After understanding what Tapsee problem, Dhanush gave a secret gift to the heroine after she was able to feel at ease.

She even claims that they do not need anyone to her thoughts public as a result of the donation by Dhanush. So what is that Dhanush gifted that changed the lives of Tapsee? It is nothing but a book "How to learn Tamil through English in 30 days". Not knowing the language is her problem.

Now she feels good in her career in Tamil and Tamil as her confidence grows. After 'Aadukalam' with Dhanush, Tapsee is eyeing its next big project Vandhan Ventran 'with Jeeva.


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