Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shilpa Shetty Celebrate Wedding Anniversary At Dubai

This is a dazzling anniversary gift, for sure! Shilpa Shetty released her first wedding anniversary in Dubai with her husband Raj Kundra in their new home on the ninetieth floor of the tallest building in the world, Burj Dubai, which really talllllllllll amounted to eight hundred twenty-eight meters with 160 floors.

Says a source close to the actress "Shilpa is excited when Raj gifted his luxury apartment. This is a wedding anniversary gift to her.Kundra obviously gifted his keys in Mumbai, some time ago. Word is that when Shilpa visited Dubai a few months ago, she fell like nine pins "Burj Dubai" and is willing to stay there.

Add insider, "They had three days off to celebrate their first wedding anniversary there. Raj is something else planned for Shilpa luxurious dinner with a few surprises thrown in."Close sources, Shilpa was set to design the interior of her apartment while she was there. Later she went to Bangkok for a shampoo ad, at the end of November to shoot.

Strangely, Shilpa Dubai trip almost got an ax as she dropped by a severe case of laryngitis and later postponed his visit one day. The source added: "Shilpa suddenly developed 103 degree temperatures on Saturday and a bad bout of pharyngitis. Although fever has disappeared
Sunday night, his voice is gone (SIC) completely. She was in great pain, but she did not abandon the trip . Raj and Shilpa finally left the next morning. "


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