Sunday, February 6, 2011

No more 'Bollywood' Salman Khan

Salman Khan has affective the absolute Indian cine industry's absorption afterwards he alleged for a ban to the chat 'Bollywood', which is acclimated to accredit to the Hindi blur industry, a chat which is an apery of Hollywood acclimated to acknowledgment the American cine industry. Not aloof Bollywood, the South Indian cine industries are alleged Kollywood, Tollywood, Mollywood and Sandalwood, all allegedly acquired from Hollywood and Bollywood.

Hollywood by itself has annihilation to do with movies, except that Hollywood, a belt in Los Angeles, was area the aboriginal cine studios were housed. The aboriginal acknowledgment of the chat 'wood' with a blur industry in India,was Tollywood, the Bengali blur industry based in Tollygunge. Afterwards the Bombay blur industry overtook its Bengali analogue in the 70s, they too followed clothing and coined the chat Bollywood, which was a alloy of the chat Bombay and wood. The added cine industries in India followed the allotment convenance by bogus the chat with the abode or accent they were alive with.

Salman has additionally appropriate the acceptance of the chat Hi-Fi (Hindi Films) to denote the Hindi cine industry. Salman's comments accustomed an affluence of absolute responses from his colleagues and fans. We accept the aforementioned alarm will chase in South Indian cine circles. 'Wood' called blur industries Bulawood: Fijian blur industryChollywood: Peruvian blur industryDhaliwood: Bangladeshi blur industryHollywood North: Canadian blur industryKariwood: Pakistani blur industryKollywood Nepal: Nepali blur industryNollywood: Nigerian blur industryPollywood: Pashto accent cine industry Sollywood: Sindhi accent cine industry


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