Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rajini's Rana Current Updates

Things are accepting abutting to achievement for the accessible cool brilliant blur ‘Rana’ that will be on the floors from April this year. We knew Rajini plays three roles and KS Ravikumar directs ‘Rana’. Also the techies are the biggies who formed for ‘Endhiran’

The cool brilliant was in Mumbai on a amusement cum business cruise a few canicule ago and he is said to accept accomplished the blow of the casting and aggregation there.

According to our sources, Rajini plays three roles of altered age groups and Deepika Padukone has been active to comedy the adventurous brace adverse the youngest Rajini. Interestingly this brace will be the alone adventurous brace in the film.

Also, it is accepted that Sonu Sood who played a baby role in ‘Chandramuki’ as the apple babysitter to Sheela will comedy the capital baddie in ‘Rana’. This villain role is said to accept an according footage with the capital hero ‘Raana’.

Also there is a fizz about added Bollywood actors accepting on lath ‘Rana’ in assorted capacities.


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